I was born on a warm and sunny day in 16th April 1997 in a city which the personality of the city changes from day to night because you probably had to walk to most places and that city is called Tehran, Iran. I still live in Tehran and I go to Shahid Beheshti University and study English Literature there.
My family Background:
I live with my parent. My mother, Mahsa (43), my father, Shadmehr (48), and my sister, Armita who is six years younger than me. She’s my best gift in my entire life. Although like all brothers and sisters we sometimes fight like cats and dogs but I love her and I would do anything for her. My parent is come from Shahrood, Semnan which is a small city somehow but it’s so beautiful and gorgeous. They were both in a same university. My mother studied psychology and

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فک کنم بعدا نتونیم تشخیص بدیم کدوم آرتاس و کدوم بابک جهانبخش  

فک کنم بعدا نتونیم تشخیص بدیم کدوم آرتاس و کدوم بابک جهانبخش
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