Folk Dance of Khorasan  

The Folk Dance of the County of Southern Khorasan has a long history and is with rhythmic and dramatic movements. The province has a wide variety of dance and music. Rhythm beats contain 5, 3 and 2 in the region, having unique features and are not common in other parts of Iran, beautiful vocals, epic songs and dances are common in Quhistan and Birjand.Folk instruments include the Timpani Drum - Serena – Circle usually made by the performers.Some local dance music, especially in this area is, Assil– Farfareh - left and right, Dive (Shijeh) – Ahvalehse Zarb and also in some villages being special music which is famous locally like: Cheneshti, Fourki, Sar-Karizi, Rekati and etc. Local dance and performance of martial arts movements are also done by a member, two members and/or by a grou

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VNX5200™ Block Installation Guide  

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